A commercial license is needed for usage in an organization or company. Buying a license is a welcome 'thank you' message to us! The commercial version does not display the usage-terms pop-up message and has a few exclusive PRO-features. WS Display Settings is licensed per computer and costs only $ 7.00 (€ 6.00). Volume licensing is available.

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WSDS Tray is a small utility that sits in the Windows System Tray (the area left to the desktop clock) and gives easy access to display and window management. If the icon is hidden behind the 'Show hidden icons'-arrow you can simply drag it to a visible part of the systray.

"Activate Window" is useful to quickly activate the window below the mouse cursor and make it completely visible (adjust location if needed). With "Move Window" you can put the window that has focus instantly onto the next monitor (etc.). "Save Window Positions" enables you to save and later restore all positions and sizes of application windows across your monitors.

You can instantly move and resize the window below the mouse pointer with the shortcuts ALT+mouse move or ALT+WIN+mouse move. No more reaching for the title bar or window borders.

Shortcuts with no related menu item:
(ALT+R) Resize active window to preset dimensions and move it to make it completely visible if needed (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200, original size) //PRO-only
(ALT+T) Toggle between window always-on-top, always-on-top + transparent, normal
(ALT+MOUSE_MOVE)        Instantly move window (under mouse pointer)
(ALT+DOUBLE_CLICK)      Maximize/restore window
(ALT+WIN+MOUSE_MOVE)    Resize window //PRO-only
(WIN+MOUSE_MOVE)        Scroll window contents
(SHIFT+MOUSE_WHEEL)     Activate next/previous window (cycle)
(ALT+Q/W/A/S)           Move window to top-left/top-right/bottom-left/bottom-right display corner
(ALT+1/2/3/4)           Resize window to full, 2/3, 1/2, 1/4 part of display size
(WIN+1..9)              Switch to virtual desktop 1..9 if it exists
(ALT+WIN+1..9)          Move window to virtual desktop 1..9 if it exists //PRO-only

Menu Items:
Quick Access
  Customizable list of utilities
  Restart Explorer
  (Force) Close Program
Open Display Settings
Show Storage Folder
Save Display Settings
Save Window Positions
Toggle Display Fading (WIN+F5) [Fades/reveals the monitor that contains the mouse pointer]
Next Window (WIN+F6) [Activate next window (cycle)]
(Previous Window (WIN+SHIFT+F6) [Activate previous window (cycle)])
Activate Window (WIN+F7) [Activate and/or move window below mouse pointer to make it completely visible]
Move Window to next Display (ALT+E) [Move focussed window to next display]
Minimize Others (display) (WIN+F3) [Minimizes all windows except the active one on the active monitor]
Minimize Others (all) (WIN+F4) [Minimizes all windows except the active one]
Display Controls
Clone Display
Extend accross Displays
External Display only
Internal Display only
Followed by a list of all .dis files in the storage folder
Followed by a list of all .pos files in the storage folder //PRO-only

wsdstray.exe Command Line Usage:
Set storage folder:
  wsdstray /storage %temp%
Save window layout/positions to file:
  wsdstray /savelayout filename.pos
Load window layout from file:
  wsdstray /loadlayout filename.pos
wsds.exe Command Line Tool Usage:
Save current display settings to file:
  wsds.exe -save filename.dis
Open 'Windows Display Settings' and ask for filename to save settings to:
  wsds.exe -save
Load & apply display settings from file:
  wsds.exe filename.dis
Load & temporary apply display settings from file:
  wsds.exe filename.dis -temporary
Clone displays:
  wsds.exe -mode clone
Extend displays:
  wsds.exe -mode extend
External displays only:
  wsds.exe -mode external
Internal display only:
  wsds.exe -mode internal
Power monitors on:
  wsds.exe -mode on
Power monitors off:
  wsds.exe -mode off
Set brightness %:
  wsds.exe -brightness 40
Set contrast %:
  wsds.exe -contrast 50
Set color temperature K:
  wsds.exe -temperature 6500
Reset monitor controls:
  wsds.exe -reset
Open 'Windows Display Settings':
  wsds.exe -settings
Clone and set width and height:
  wsds.exe -mode clone -width 1024 -height 768
List display ID's and names:
  wsds.exe -list
Set resolution of left display with ID 2 to 1920x1080 and right display with ID 1 to 768x1024 and 90 degrees rotated (portrait):
  wsds.exe -mode extend -display 2 1920 1080 -display 1 768 1024 90
Set the primary display to display with ID 2:
  wsds.exe -primary 2

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