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With WSADExcel you can easily export and import Active Directory users to and from Microsoft Excel. It is extremely fast and reliable compared to other solutions. Apart from the usual user properties, you can also change the users CN, username (sAMAccountName), userPrincipalName, group memberships (add or remove user), update the users photo and move the user to another organizational unit. WSADExcel makes batch updating of Active Directory users simple and fun: you get all the editing power of Microsoft Excel and it is much more convenient than a plain CSV file. WSADExcel uses unicode so international values are fully supported.

All is possible: create new Active Directory users, edit existing ones, move user accounts, change group memberships, reset passwords and more.

How to use WSADExcel?

1) Export the existing Active Directory users to a new Microsoft Excel file and keep the file open for editing:

WSADExcel /export:myusers.xlsx /skipnoname /open

An accompanying myusers folder is created that contains user photos (if any). You can copy and paste updated JPEG files here to update photos. The filename must be [sAMAccountName].jpg .

2) Edit the generated Excel file:

You may edit any value and sort or rearrange columns. You can also use Excel formulas to calculate cell values. Do NOT change the column names (in bold). These are used to match Excel columns to Active Directory user attributes.

Default exported user attributes

Columns that have a name starting with '_' are editable 'virtual columns':
_setPassword: any text = the new password, 1 = random password
_mustChangePassword: 0 = no, 1 = yes
_accountDisabled: 0 = disable, 1 = enable
_passwordNeverExpires: 0 = expires, 1: never expires
_container: the LDAP path of the organizational unit. Change the value to move the user to the specified container.
_memberOf: ;-seperated list of the CN names of group the user is a member of. The default group is not shown ('Domain Users'). Add or remove group names to update the users group memberships.

Columns that have a name starting with '!' are used internally and must not be changed, but they may be resized, hidden or moved.

You can specify to export/import additional attributes by using the /extra parameter.

The only mandatory columns are 'cn' (common name, full name) and 'sAMAccountName' (username).

3) Import the saved Microsoft Excel file into Active Directory:

WSADExcel /import:myusers.xlsx

The result is logged to 4 text files:
myusers_new.txt, myusers_updated.txt, myusers_password.txt, myusers_failed.txt

WSADExcel will never delete user accounts.

Possible parameters:

WSADExcel [/server:mydc] [/user:myuser] [/password:mypassword] [/import:filename] [/export:filename [/open] [/skipDisabled] [/skipNoName]] [/extra:extensionAttribute1,extensionAttribute2] [/help] [/?]

WSADExcel can be scheduled to run as a Windows task. This way you can automate exporting your AD users, batch processing the resulting file and importing the changes back into AD.

Licensing is based on the number of Active Directory Domains. You need 1 license for each domain and sysadmin using the product (only $79 / €69 each). When no license is specified (the free trial mode), the user export and import limit is set to a maximum of 50 users.

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