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The left ALT-key is used intensively by inControl. Default ALT-functionality is still available through the RIGHT ALT-key.

Available window functions:
Maximize            ALT+F   Maximizes window to fill screen (minus menubar and dock)
Size Preset         ALT+D   Toggle window size between build-in width/height presets
Dock Left           ALT+E   Make window fill right-half of the screen
Dock Right          ALT+R   Make window fill left-half of the screen
Dock Top-Left       ALT+Q   Resize window to 1/4 of screen and move to top-left
Dock Top-Right      ALT+W   Resize window to 1/4 of screen and move to top-right
Dock Bottom-Left    ALT+A   Resize window to 1/4 of screen and move to bottom-left
Dock Bottom-Right   ALT+S   Resize window to 1/4 of screen and move to bottom-right
Tile All            ALT+T   Tile all application windows next to each other
Size 21             ALT+C   Make window fill 2/3 or 1/3 of screen
All To Front        ALT+V   Bring all application windows to front
Move To Next Screen ALT+X   Move window to next screen if available //PRO-only

- Move To Next Screen resizes the window to keep the same relative position and size on the new screen
Selecting the same command a second time restores the original window size & position.

Available window-manipulation-by-mouse functions (these act on the window below the mouse pointer/cursor):
ALT+MOUSE_MOVE          Instantly move window
ALT+CMD+MOUSE_MOVE      Resize window //PRO-only
CMD+SHIFT+MOUSE_MOVE    Scroll window

Application Switcher

Also included is an application switcher. All currently running application windows are listed in alphabetical order (program name and window title). The style of the application switcher can be set to one of the following:

-Disabled (do not list open applications)
-Flat (list all windows sorted on application name and window title)
-Grouped (group windows per application) //PRO-only
-Flat/Grouped (show max 4 windows flat, put rest in application submenu) //PRO-only

Selecting an application window from this list brings the window to the foreground. Optionally hold ALT while activating the menu item to call App Exposé or ALT+CMD to hide all other windows. It really helps you making order out of window chaos.

Custom Commands

Open the menu item Preferences to make adjustments or add your own custom application commands with shortkeys to the menu. The LITE-version is limited to 10 custom commands in total.

Format: Description, optional shortkey shift/fn/ctrl/alt/cmd + ... + a..z/0..9/esc/tab/enter/space = command

TextEdit,alt+t = open -a ~/Documents/hints.txt

command can be one of the following:

AppleScript Example:

Hello World,alt+h = << _END_
tell app "Finder" 
    display dialog "Hello World"
 end tell

To create application-specific commands (which are only active when the specified application is in the foreground), create a new category [Application Name].


To create a sub menu use the syntax [Application, menu name] or [Commands, menu name]

[Safari, Tab Management]

Useful script that toggles between macOS dark/light mode and sets the desktop's background to match the OS appearance with shortcut ALT+CMD+D:

Switch Dark/Light Mode,alt+cmd+d = << _END_
tell application "System Events"    
    tell appearance preferences
        if (dark mode) then
            --non Catalina+: /Library/Desktop Pictures/Solid Colors/
            set newBackground to "/System/Library/Desktop Pictures/Solid Colors/Gold.png"
            set newBackground to "/System/Library/Desktop Pictures/Solid Colors/Space Gray Pro.png"
        end if
        tell application "System Events"
            tell every desktop
                set picture to newBackground
            end tell
        end tell
        set dark mode to not dark mode
    end tell
end tell